Funny Story of Coke vs Pot!

  Come on I’m 18, society would have to be monumentally fucked up if I was a coke head already but I have a story of one. So dude is a coke head and home boy ain’t got no friends and his daddy doesn’t trust him with anything money, cars anything. I don’t know how…

Sports: Premier League So Far.

The premier league has had a lot of twist and turns this year Chelsea’s 13 game winning streak broken by an in form Tottenham, Manchester City’s Fernandinho saw 3 red cards in 6 matches (wehdone sir) but the addition of Gabriel Jesus seems to have changed City’s luck lets hope he isn’t out the rest…

Fashion Corner

Ok so all the pieces in this post are era pieces either a modern 90’s or a Modern 70’s and these are two of my favourite fashion eras. This particular picture I loved because I love the way homegirl is filling out her outfit bawdy on fleek, anyway this look can either be very 90’s…

Champions league week 5

Sooo if your an Arsenal fan you will probably be as angry as I am about that PSG draw and honestly I don’t know why we are 2nd in our group it’s such BS because they have more away goals even though our goal difference is 3 better than theirs but uefa have been smoking…

What Music?

So right now I listen to a lot of afrobeats music but generally I don’t have a favourite genre if you know me, you will see me go from Rap to Rock to Pop. I listen to what I feel at that moment and the latest in my musical endeavor is Davido. Coolest Kid In…

Fashion Corner

Ok, so Sofia Richie is my spirit animal (one of many) style wise anyway these Adidas pant trousers are everything.

Travel Memories 1

So the picture of the yellow taxi came as a featured post and it reminded me of the second time i went to New York with my family, mind you it was in 2007 but the experiences were crazy from getting to the airport and finding out my passport was expired to the outrageous hotel bill,

My take on the US Election outcome.

Dear America, 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

You make yourself out to be this progressive first to do everything blah blah blah country but the whole world knows your not.

Premier League 16/17 week 12

Arsenal v Manchester United

As you know I’m an Arsenal fan, so I’m going to express some anger at the fact that our starting 11 was all wrong, what is Arsene doing starting Elneny when this game is clearly a Xhaka game like put him lets get some aggression out there