My Beliefs on What Feminism is!

    For a long time I felt Feminism was put across wrongly to many people, because it was made to seem as though wanting to cook, clean, be a mum or a wife was anti-feminist, that these kinds of thoughts destroyed the work of the feminists that fought so hard for women to have what…

Stories Of my Alcoholism

So recently I drank 2 cans of Smirnoff black and I woke up with the worst stomach ache and its crazy because when I was drinking it my mum is like those aren’t good for you and I’m looking at her like gurl please, so obviously when I wake up I cant tell my mum…

Funny Story of Coke vs Pot!

  Come on I’m 18, society would have to be monumentally fucked up if I was a coke head already but I have a story of one. So dude is a coke head and home boy ain’t got no friends and his daddy doesn’t trust him with anything money, cars anything. I don’t know how…

Travel Memories 1

So the picture of the yellow taxi came as a featured post and it reminded me of the second time i went to New York with my family, mind you it was in 2007 but the experiences were crazy from getting to the airport and finding out my passport was expired to the outrageous hotel bill,

My take on the US Election outcome.

Dear America, 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

You make yourself out to be this progressive first to do everything blah blah blah country but the whole world knows your not.