About Me!

Ok So This about page kind of came with the blog and I was like why not and by the time I figured out how to delete it, I found something I wanted to say.

So me!

I am born in 98 and no matter what other 90’s kids say I still count as a 90’s kid there is a whole year between 1998 and 2000 so I count. (just to let my siblings know)

As I said I have the attention span of a gold fish and I’m as patient as I am attentive so just don’t bother. I can’t forget to mention the big guy, I love Jesus and that doesn’t make me boring or a bible thumper. I like to think it gives me purpose and a reason to wake up every morning and have some happiness. 

Die hard Arsenal fan and not one of those girls that just say they are fans of a sports team I’m watch the whole sport of football, know the history , the rules, the transfer gossip and what ever else there is to know, but I am still a girl and watching a bunch of super hot and in shape guys running around appeals to me on so many levels.

So this blog is a collection of the things that make up my life. Enjoy!

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Signed Rhem xx 😉