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OK so the corset look I love it. I first saw it on Kim kardashian it was a different type of corset I then saw it on Kylie and I loved it as well this corset is from an Australian designer called zachary the label  worn by people like tammy hembrow. I love this look it can be paired with a cute pair of boots like the ones below or ones like the Tom Fords in number 2.


These are from ego official I love their shoes they have a lot to choose from.


These Tom Fords have been in my dreams since the Rick Ross skit where the girl starts talking about Tom Ford thigh highs you can wear these with short dress or a shirt dress like number one.


Tommy made a huge comeback when everyone got back into the 90 vibe and u definitely understand why their stuff is so retro but fits perfectly into today’s style world.

I am such a denim on denim buf my favourite outfit are these pair of Jeans I’ve worn till they have no wear left in them and a two tone denim shirt so when I see denim on denim being done well it brings a smile to my face pair it with some low top sneakers, a cute pair of sandals or boots and you can have an outfit for any time of the day.



This is a 2 piece set from bossa from their It Girl collection I believe they are a brand that I found through Nicole from wags on E! she models for them and they have so much great stuff this is just a glimpse. We all love a cute 2 piece set and this is definitely one of the better ones I have seen and it’s definitely not their best set.




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  1. Sara N says:

    Love this post! Keep it up! ❤ My favs are definitley the Tom Ford shoes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bandybyrhem says:

      thank you i love them too


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