Daily fix. 5 fashion finds

So I decided to I am going to try and do a daily entry when I have time of outfits and fashion excellence or trends I’m loving. Hope you love it too!

1. Ryan Destiny from Star in a cute cropped off the shoulder striped shirt with some jeans I’m sure paired with a cute pair of heels I would go a heeled sandal or pointed pumps.

2. Insta find. Screen shot of her page because i don’t know her name but this denim on denim ensemble is so modern 90s I’m crying at how much I love it with a cute pair of sneakers or boots my personal style are the Doc Martins but I love it with either. If worn with heels I would say some sandals.

3. This is a dress from the Klabel a LA based designer I think it’s called the glove I love a good off the shoulder and as seen it can be pared with boots. If less adventurous again a heeled sandal or pointed pump if more casual  some low top sneakers give a chic cas look.

4. I love this. It is also from the klabel I wouldn’t change a thing. Definitely today best find.

5. Last and definitely not least another find from the Klabel that I personally would pair with some boots and a long chic coat to keep with the winter vibe.

Find 3 out of the 5 looks on http://www.theklabel.com 


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