Funny Story of Coke vs Pot!



Come on I’m 18, society would have to be monumentally fucked up if I was a coke head already but I have a story of one. So dude is a coke head and home boy ain’t got no friends and his daddy doesn’t trust him with anything money, cars anything. I don’t know how he gets money for cocaine that shit is apparently expensive, anyway so dude has people that tolerate him and what he would categorize as friends.


One night he goes out with two of his said friends and starts an argument with one of them, dudes head clearly ain’t right so he rips this guys caftan and ‘friend’ then switches it up for him and they have an argument but dude is still nice enough to be like lets drop this guy off at home, so cokey (my nickname for him) and the two friends get in the car to go home, cokey sits in the back seat and the stoners call em toasty and sparky in the front, toasty driving still a little annoyed from the argument and sparky clearly spaced out drive all the way to cokey’s house and realize he isn’t in the back seat.Toasty and Sparky were so confused because they were sure he was in the car like did dude roll out while they were driving were they hallucinating and imagined him in the back seat.

Moral of the story is don’t do drugs that ish confuses you. I don’t even know if they tried to find out where dude was that night they were just confused as to where he had gone.




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