Artist Opinions: Mr Eazi

Please these are opinions. Okay so What do I think of this Guy?

I don’t know him so I don’t know.

What do I think of his Music?

I think his music is dope he does talk a lot about bum bums as though his skinny ass can handle it. He fell hand small when he tweeted that Naija, GH ish come on G you put those two countries in a sentence you know its going to cause some kind of issue. No shade to my fellow Nigerians but ahn ahn dude just tweeted and we all came for him. No lie some of the things said even pained me, I mean Nigerians can be wicked.


Anyway back to his music, Its different slowed down, gives major vibes ( I think its   music for those who need higher education) dude has released back to back hit tracks. I mean it is undeniable from Bankulize, Skintight, Hollup, Anointing and the list goes on and on I definitely can not wait to review his recent mixtape Accra to Lagos (some dope songs on there) and his eventual album.


What do I think of his lyrics?

I think they would make no sense if someone spoke them but Mr Eazi vibes them he makes it so you don’t care that he’s either being really dirty or saying complete trash. What is Zaggadat and Detty Yasef I mean I asked him on twitter but homeboy ain’t reply soo I can’t tell you. 

 What do I think of his style?

I think his style is what I like to call modern Afro retro with the hats and ankara etc. it brings about a certain authenticity about him that is transferred into his music he has found a new wave and its great. 

So my overall conclusion of this guy is that he has a lot left in store and we should watch out for him he’s one of those guys that when you put him on your song you better be fire because if not your going to be upstaged and instead of play so so and so’s song it going to be play that Mr Eazi song but I do think his music can sound very similar and repetitive which is very reminiscent of early Wizkid the difference that may not be so positive is that because Mr Eazi’s music is slower it being repetitive could be a disadvantage to him anyway enjoy.

P.S I love all album art for his songs!

Signed Rhem xxx


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