2016 Music Review

IT WAS LIT AF!  🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

I mean Lemonade,Views,Riri’s Album, TLOP, 25,Skepta’s album and sooo many more. 
All genres of music had amazing projects obviously the forementioned toned albums really stood out to me unfortunately I didn’t meet my usual Rock music quota. Patiently awaiting new work from fall out boy and Paramore (hopefully) and so many more.


 Screenshot 2017-03-25 at 02.44.52
So we will start with lemonade. What I loved about this album was how real it was, she was pissed and she expressed it incredibly I mean Don’t Hurt Yourself is one angry song. It showed how strong she is and I love the fact that she told the world yeah something was broken but I didn’t throw it away I fixed it and it better last a long ass time. Beyonce has been showing a lot of her self recently and I love it.


Screenshot 2017-03-25 at 02.50.03
Next Views… sooo this new Drake is fire like wtf and then dude went and got so buff and hot that even if you don’t like his music as a female you just like him I mean boy is foooiine. Seriously though he completely changed is, I personally wasn’t an OG Drake fan and till that album with the clouds I didn’t really get into his music then post his collaborated album with Future I was like shiii I need to hear what this guy is saying he went from baby boy to Daddy real quick 0 to 💯. He is fire lyrics, vibe and beats all 👌👌

The Life of Pablo 

Screenshot 2017-03-25 at 02.56.00

Oh Pablo you out did your self, it did not disappoint no doubt Kanye West is a little crazy but there is no doubt he is talented and to everyone’s misfortune he knows it he is a very consistent and original artist he always has different sounds imagery everything so diverse no two of his albums sound alike I mean look at 808’s and heartbreak then my dark beautiful twisted fantasy then Yeezus this man was blessed with immense creativity and it comes through on this album also he’s an artist that you may not love what his saying but you must appreciate the sounds he create. Incredible artistry!


Screenshot 2017-03-25 at 02.57.47

ADELE always consistent, she’s incredible her work speaks for itself and always seems so personal nothing to do but sit back and listen to amazing music.


Screenshot 2017-03-25 at 03.00.06
Another consistent lady I loved this album and honestly wish she got more recognition for it, she clearly improved her vocals as seen in ballads such as love on the brain showed how far she’s come, as usual a summer banger or two in there she did a great job, this was Def one of the most under appreciated albums of 2016.


Screenshot 2017-03-25 at 03.01.48
OK so don’t judge me but as a private school kid in the UK there is only a small group of people into grime and I wasn’t really one of them but this album ‘smell that, wow!’ it was incredible I was blown away I love how international grime is becoming I started listening to old school grime and I feel like it’s making a comeback in a big way.(Stormzy review soon)
Naij Selection ( Full review to come)
SO most of them came out late 2015 but I didn’t properly get into them till 2016

Burnaboy  On a Spaceship

loved it but considering I’m a day one burna fan I may be biased it was Lit end of!

FALZ  Stories that Touch

Wawu! I Loved it he is one Naij artist that I believe is truly creative not only in his music but in the imagery that accompanies his music I’m so glad to watch a music video without a bunch of half naked women in HD shaking  their asses, he is an artist you can turn up to and your parents don’t shake their head thinking what are these children doing.

Mr Eazi

No album but huge impact on 2016  read my Artist opinions on him.

Seyi  Shay  SEYI OR SHAY

I love it weirdly didn’t properly get into it till January 2017 but soo worth it.

Special Mentions 

Wizkid- amazing 2016 
Davido – ended 2016 in a big way
Justin Bieber – everyone finally caught up on the Justin Bieber hype I’ve been on since day
Rae Sremmurd- big impact 
Migos-great comeback. Culture review next week
The chainsmokers – surprising 
clean bandit – consistent  (Talent)
Maleek Berry- I was unsure but he definitely has big things to come 
I will be doing my full Naij review real soon on my fave songs and albums of last year and another on what this year has had to offer so far.
xx Rhem

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